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Create stylish doors and windows with our premium quality UPVC Fixed Windows, UPVC Sliding Window, Brown UPVC Doors, White UPVC Doors And Window Set, etc. 
About Us

Polestar is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Brown UPVC Doors, UPVC Sliding Window, UPVC Fixed Windows, White UPVC Doors And Window Set and many other UPVC Products. UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a revolution in the ways doors and windows are designed in contemporary times. We can say that with assurance because most properties, today, are opting for doors and windows made of UPVC in urban conglomerates as well as less urbanized cities. Who chooses the traditional grilled windows with wooden-framed window panes nowadays? Majority go for UPVC doors and windows not only for modern looks but also for protection from weather and contaminated air.

Keeping these modern imperatives in mind we forayed into the market in 2021 in order to provide the best doors and windows solutions to people who want to accord modern and stylish looks to their properties doors and windows. UPVC profiles are used for making the frames of doors and windows. These profiles are manufactured by heating UPVC and then injection molding into desired shape and size. With our modern infrastructure we effortlessly produce all kinds of UPVC profiles for making modern doors and windows. Our products are specifically designed for applications in residential projects, group housing, corporate offices, showrooms and factories.

Why Our Products?

UPVC is fast replacing wood and iron as material for installing doors and windows at properties. This is an innovative architectural material known for insulation from outside weather, quality, durability and low maintenance needs. We develop UPVC Sliding Window, UPVC Fixed Windows, Brown UPVC Doors, White UPVC Doors And Window Set, etc. in different sizes, designs and shapes to meet diverse requirements of the market. 


UPVC profiles are the fundamental material used in installing doors and windows frames on which glass is fixed. However, production of the profiles is achieved through an elaborate process of extrusion. We have installed the latest semi-automatic machines with Italian components in our production unit. The machines can be precisely calibrated to extrude profiles of desired shapes and sizes. UPVC is firstly heated to melt and then molded through extrusion into profiles of different sizes. We manufacture the profiles in different laminated hues to cater to the diverse demands by customers.

Quality Control

We employ only branded UPVC profiles that are tested for strength and functional capability. We use multi-point locking system as well as accessories to ensure smooth functionality of doors and windows. Also, use of galvanized iron reinforcement provides strength and ensures seamless quality locking system. Due to our elaborate quality control policy, our products including Brown UPVC Doors, White UPVC Doors And Window Set, UPVC Sliding Window, UPVC Fixed Windows, etc. boast of several advantages, such as heat/fire proof, no maintenance, noise proof, durability and aesthetically pleasant looks.

Customer Satisfaction

We operate our business with eyes set on achieving total customer satisfaction. That is our business policy which is always prioritized. We pay attention to the demands of our customers and deliver them products as per their needs. Our customer satisfaction policy entails:

  • Timely delivery of products
  • Quality with affordability
  • Building of a long-term relationship
  • Prompt response
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